Skip Breakfast for Weight Loss?

You want to lose weight? The general opinion is that you should eat breakfast in the morning. This is supposed to boost your metabolism. Is that really true? Will you gain weight if you skip it? Is it better to skip the meal then?

Does breakfast jumpstart your metabolism?

Your body uses energy for everything you do, including eating. Energy is needed to store food in your stomach. Transport it to your small intestine. Absorb it (into the bloodstream) and digest it. Known as “diet-induced thermogenesis.” This, together with your basal metabolic rate and physical activity, determines your daily calorie intake. When you burn more calories than you consume. You are in deficit and a reduction in body mass will occur.

Eat more calories if you skip breakfast? One study looked at the connection between breakfast and calorie consumption among children between the ages of two and 12 years old in the US. Children who skipped breakfast consumed fewer calories per day. In contrast the rest of the snacks and meals throughout the day were larger. This was due to 40% of their daily calories were snacks high in sugar, fat, and salt. The children who ate something in the morning. Compared to those that did not. Ate more fruit, whole grain products, and low-sugar dairy products throughout the day.

In conclusion. Should I eat breakfast? In either case. The answer is yes and no! Many reasons speak for and against it. Regardless of whether you decide to eat breakfast. The main thing is that you listen to your body and keep your personal goal in mind.

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