Amy’s Journey – Energise Personal Fitness

Amy’s Journey – Energise Personal Fitness

I was about 14 weeks pregnant when I found energise personal fitness through a google search. I’d decided as soon as my morning sickness subsided that I needed some help to keep my fitness up during my pregnancy – I had a rather big goal – 6 months after giving birth, I was getting married…and I’d already bought my dress a few months before, blissfully unaware of the upcoming surprise!

My Fitness Plan!

Matt devised a fitness plan that would both keep up my fitness levels and also prepare me for the biggest workout I’d ever do – labour. We mixed up cardio, weights and lots of specific movements that helped stretch and strengthen muscles I’d need to call upon. This being my first pregnancy, it was great being able to work out knowing it was totally safe for me and my baby. It’s safe to say that I didn’t really follow any diet during my pregnancy and I definitely indulged in cravings during those 9 months.

By the time I was 9 months pregnant, I’d put on about 12kg but I wasn’t too worried as Matt kept telling me he couldn’t wait for me to come back after the birth and that he had a plan to get me wedding ready. And boy he did. Starting gently back into exercise 6 weeks post partum, Matt checked my fitness levels, and how well my stomach muscles had healed, but it wasn’t too long before we stepped it up a gear about 4 months out from the wedding.

Nutrition Planning – Energise Personal Fitness

Matt created me a meal plan that was protein heavy and carb low and we really increased the weights during our twice weekly sessions. Safe to say, it was bloody hard work but Matt kept reminding me of my goal. He held me to account with weekly weigh ins, which initially I dreaded but after a few weeks I almost looked forward to them to see if what I was feeling in myself would reflect in the numbers.

The Results! Amy’s Journey Energise

Since starting back with Matt post birth, I’ve lost 10kg from my baseline pre pregnancy and reduced my body fat percentage by 9%. Ridiculously, I am in better shape than before pregnancy and at my first dress fitting, the dress that fit me in the shop, had to be taken in a few inches! I’m so thankful to Matt and Nicki. I credit my ‘easy’ (comparatively!!) labour and fast recovery with the work we did throughout pregnancy and I’d have never got back into my dress without their help. Forever grateful – thank you! Amy’s Journey – Energise Personal Fitness….

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